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  • Arveen Kaur
    UKM GSB is unique in a way enabling professional networking as a major highlight engaging students in various forms of initiatives including their campus activities as well as practical learning methodologies incorporated in the module.
  • Dr. Ebner Yoon
    As a medical doctor and a healthcare administrator, the MBA programme trajectory has undoubtedly boosted both my professional and personal development; entailing opportunities for broader exposure, organizing events and having the privilege of meeting prominent corporate individuals.
  • Longfei
    GSB offers fantastic courses, seminars and workshops to help its students to be well-prepared with theories and practices for future business world. Besides, all professors are always seeking out innovative initiatives to make their lectures interesting and thought-provoking, which lays a solid foundation to achieve greater success in both of personal and professional lives for students.
  • Millatina Urfana
    Through the practical projects and extracurricular activities, the lecturers empower the students to go beyond their limits. The friendly and helpful staffs are always ready in providing information and facilitating the students.


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    Whilst strongly grounded in academic theory, the MBA emphasizes on practical learning where industry relevant knowledge transfers provide real management solutions and techniques for the MBA Graduates to apply in their respective Organizations.
  • Masters in Management (By Research)
    The Masters by research are designed to provide in-depth knowledge and training for individuals seeking to enhance and deepen their competencies in specific areas such as management, marketing, finance, Islamic finance and other related topics.
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
    The breadth and depth of the knowledge expected of DBA graduates are reflective of our commitment to excellence – offering opportunities to pursue and uncover knowledge within business, management, finance fields and other related areas.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    Our PhD programme equips candidates with Research Methodology courses to ensure that relevant knowledge, concepts, theories, and skills be equipped to groom our future thinkers for innovative ideas and solutions at the frontiers of knowledge.
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As one of the most senior public business schools within the region we strive to work with our partners within the public and private sectors in preparing their future managers. Our close and constant collaborations with our stakeholders result in flexible and relevant academic programmes that focus on personal, managerial and industrial competencies. These competencies are aimed toward grooming exemplary, talented and responsible leaders who would be assertive and adept within their chosen, respective fields.

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