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Qualifications: Ph.D. (Economics), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. (1997)
  MBA (Finance), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. (1988)
  B.Sc. Bus. Adm. (Finance), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA. (1986)


Current Position:

:: Deputy Vice Chancellor, UKM (Academic and International Affairs)

  :: Professor
:: Business and Financial Economics  
    Areas of Research:
    :: Business and Financial Economics
    Experience Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
    :: Professor of Economics, Graduate School of Business, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
    :: 2003-Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business
    :: 1999-Associate Professor, Dept. of Finance, Faculty of Business Management
    :: 1988-Lecturer, Dept. of Finance, Faculty of Business Management 
      From April 2006-September 2009, he was seconded to the Prime Minister’s Department, as:
    :: Head, Special Consultancy Team on Globalization, National Economic Action Council (NEAC) 
    :: Director, Macroeconomics and Investments, National Implementation Directorate (NID)
    :: Director of the Malaysian Development Institute (MDI), Economic Planning Unit (EPU) 
    :: Prior to his secondment he was the Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business; Chair, Graduate School of Business, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Business Management 
    :: Commonwealth Fellow, Assoc. of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), London
    :: Visiting Researcher, central Bank of Indonesia
    :: Consultant, ASEAN+3 Research Group, crafting strategies for integration of ASEAN+3 economies.
    :: Course consultant on Global Business Environment for Malaysian conglomerates.

    Professor Azlan extensively participates in various national-level strategic initiatives. Key initiatives that he led:

    :: Blue Ocean Strategy Study on Macro Strategic Directions
    :: New Sources of Growth initiative of the Economic Council.
    :: Formulation of strategic directions for the coming 10th Malaysia Plan.
    :: Development of the outcome-based framework for the coming 10th Malaysia Plan.